Investing In An OffRoad Vehicle – Which Is Right For You

Off-road enthusiasts love their toys, and nothing can be more fun than taking those toys out into the wilderness and putting your toy to the test. There is an argument that exists around off-road vehicles, and which are the best for particular terrain, and off-road applications. Luxury offroad cars have gained a lot of attention lately, and here we will share with you some of the reasons why you might want to invest in a luxury off-road vehicle, versus an older Jeep, Bronco, or Scout.

Modern off-road trucks are equipped with advanced technology that allows you to navigate your terrain in a way that the older trucks don’t. Built-in navigation, airbag suspension, and comfort are all available with luxury vehicles. Traditional off-road trucks came with the basic necessities to get you where you wanted to go, even if it meant sacrificing comfort. Who buying a newer model offload vehicle, they come standard with the suspension and lifts that you need to venture into the wilderness. Aftermarket modifications are available but are not always necessary.

The older models often need work and upgrades. Suspension upgrades, steering column, driveshafts, lifts, and engine modifications. Interiors often need to be reupholstered and rusted or rotten floorboards cut out and replaced. With the older vehicles, these modifications are usually easier to make then newer model SUV vehicles. The earlier models allow you to customize the cars more and without the need for computer technology, as is needed with more advanced offload systems.

If you are considering a luxury offload vehicle, here are the top 5 models available for consumers:

Mercedes Benz G 550 

• Land Rover Defender 90

• Land Rover Discovery 

• Toyota FJ Cruiser

• Jeep Rubicon

If you are considering an older offroad vehicle, here are the top 5 models available for consumers:

• Ford Bronco 

• Toyota Land Cruiser 

• International Scout 

• Willys Jeep 

• Chevy K5 Blazer

Any of those models would be suitable for off-road adventures and overland exploration. The dependability of the European imports have been proven for years, but require expensive repairs when the damage has been done to the vehicle. Older cars have more common parts that are easier to purchase and install. These modifications and repairs can be done by individuals with minimal knowledge, making the older offroad vehicles more desirable for those with smaller budgets.

For those interested in Rock Crawling, consider buying an older stock jeep that can be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt from the ground up. Rock crawling vehicles require more suspension travel, lower gear ratios, and larger wheels. Many rock crawlers don’t use bodies and eliminate the wheel well altogether, making it possible to install larger tires for better ground clearance. 
High-performance offroad modifications can make a standard model truck or SUV an ultimate off-road machine. You can make these modifications yourself if you have the time and money, or you can hire an automotive professional to handle all the mechanical upgrades needed to make the truck run right for harsh offroad terrain.

All About Quartz Countertops

Arizona Quartz countertops are made out of one of the hardest minerals on earth. They are arguably the most durable solution for kitchens. Furthermore, having a quartz countertop is also an impressive feature that can add immense value to your home.  They come in a large variety of colors, including bright red, light green, black, creams, and many earthy brown shades that can really complete your kitchen look.

Quartz Countetops

Where is Quartz Found?

You can find quartz all over the world, but the places that have the largest quartz mines are Arkansas and Brazil. In fact, the largest quartz crystal was found in Brazil, weighing 44 tons. Aside from that, places like high mountaintops, beaches, deserts, and rivers all contain large amounts of quartz.

Why Are Quartz Countertops So Popular?

Quartz countertops are very popular for ideal kitchen setups. The reason for this is because it is tough, durable, and is factory produced. Quartz is often called the “engineered stone” for that particular reason. Other reasons why people love this countertop include:

  • The variety of colors makes it easy to find one that matches the kitchen theme.
  • Quartz is very strong and unlikely to crack or chip.
  • The non-porous material will not harbor bacteria like other countertop materials.
  • It is exceptionally resistant to stains such as oils and juices, and these spills do not affect the color.

Quartz Countertops Are Not Solid Quartz

When you invest in a quartz countertop, you are getting more than just quartz. It is mixed together with other elements such as a polymeric or cement-based binder. There is a lot of rock material holding the countertop together, and the binders are what gives it that quartz countertop stone look and feel.

All Quartz Countertops Come from One Source

The technology of creating engineered stone was developed in 1963 by the Breton Company in Italy. Even though it has been over 50 years, they are still operating successfully and is licensed to more than 50 other companies worldwide. The companies that Breton works will undoubtedly add their own twist to their countertop engineering, but they all still follow the same original patent from the founders.

What Do They Cost?

Cost is a significant factor on whether or not someone is willing to invest in something. With that being said, quartz countertop cost really depends on the quality of the stone and the brand you buy it from. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay somewhere around $30 per sq. ft. for a low quality one and $150 or more per sq. ft. for the higher end ones.


If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or simply want to upgrade your countertops, then you may want to consider implementing quartz into your design to give it that unique and luxurious feel while still being practical. It is undeniable that this naturally derived earth mineral is a beautiful asset, and bringing it into your home will surely make a statement.

Why Horses Are Good Companions?

Horses are my first love, and I am sure many of you love them and want to have a horse as a companion. Horses are one of the best friends of humans.

But usually, people think that they are not good companions. However, this is not true. Although they require an extensive and separate place to live and are a little costly, they are far better than many other pets.

horse vets

Let’s have a look at why horses are a good companion in our article.

Reasons Why Horses Are Good Companions 

Below are some essential reasons why horses are a good companion:

  • Riding – Exercise and Fitness 

Among several reasons for having a horse as a pet one is that you can enjoy an active lifestyle with them. Riding a horse is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It gives you double benefit fitness with full enjoyment.

With the help of your horse, you can explore nature. This is one of the main reasons why people love to have a horse as a pet and companion.

  • Social 

Horses are very friendly and sociable. Having a horse as a pet is the best feeling. They never let you feel alone. Riding a horse, taking care of them will keep you busy with them and help you spend quality time.

Horse keeping is an active community where you can also offer advice and tips to others as well. Therefore horses can also be an effective way to make you social.

  • Easy to Take Care 

Unlike most pets, horses are easy to look after, and they don’t require much attention. Although having a horse is a big commitment, but you only need to provide them with food, shelter, and livestock vet.

Horses don’t need a 24-hour vet and are easy to take care of.

  • Long Lifespan 

Horses have a long lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Therefore you can spend a long time in your life with them. There are some variations in the lifespan of the different breed, but still, they have a long life.

Therefore you have a long time to make a good connection with them. Besides, you have such a bond with horses which you have never enjoyed before. It indicates it is an active duty to have horses but offers more opportunities to make a bond with them.

  • Fun to Have Horse as a Companion 

To have a horse as a companion is fun. They have an energetic and playful nature. Therefore, you can have a great time with them. They have unique and distinctive personalities.

The interesting thing is each horse has different behavior and characteristics. And the best part is you won’t find any two horses similar. You will instantly fell in love with their quirks.

Things to Know Before Having Horse as a Companion 

It is clear that horses are easy to keep and take care of, but still, there are few things you should know before taking in horses.

Always try to visit stables before keeping a horse. Get a full experience and know-how of how to deal with horses.  

It would be best if you made some financial planning in advance because they are a little costly to keep.

Take them to the large animal vet for periodic checkups. And try to have basic knowledge regarding livestock vet.

Final Words 

It is a great decision to have horses as a companion. They are friendly, social, and easy to handle and have a long lifespan. All these reasons collectively make it the right choice.

How to Become a Personal Trainer

As the interest of people is increased in the fitness profession of a personal trainer is becoming popular. If you are into fitness, health, and weight loss, then this is the right profession for you. 

Learn about the steps and benefits of being a personal trainer to know about it a bit more in this article. 

Steps to Become a Personal Trainer 

Follow these steps to become a personal trainer:  

  • Get Your School Degree 

This first step towards your dream of becoming a personal trainer is to get a school degree. Most of the national certification institutes require a high school degree. 

Although many other certification and training courses are recommended but still school degree is the minimum education requirement. 

  • Get AED/CPR Certification 

While being a personal trainer during fitness sessions, you may encounter emergencies. Therefore before getting a weight loss trainer degree, get a certificate in CPR and AED. 

It will help you to know when your client needs emergency treatment. Besides, you will be able to act quickly and swiftly in emergencies. 

  • Select a Good Fitness Specialty 

Keep in mind that before getting professional training, try to select your career path. Select the way that will match your skills, interest, and professional goals. 

After this, now try to find a suitable fitness certification body and select the program of your liking.  

  • Prepare for Certification 

After selecting your fitness certificate from any renowned and respected personal trainer institute, now prepare for the exam. 

All of the facilities, like exam preparation courses, multiple session training classes, undergraduate degrees, and even a graduate degree in kinesiology is available in the training options. 

  • Pass Certification Exam 

Register for the selected certification examination. Apply by applying and pay the registration fee. Usually, these tests are computer-based tests consisting of 120 to 150 minutes. 

It is a crucial step to clear if you want to join a gym as a professional trainer. 

  • Apply For Jobs

Only taking a certificate is not enough. You should have practical experience and knowledge as well. Build a portfolio to get selected in the right place. 

You can get experience by joining a local gym as a fitness trainer. Besides, you can also choose to work as an independent professional. Whatever you decide to build a portfolio to get a good job.  

Pros and Cons of Personal Training 

The profession of a personal trainer is excellent and satisfying. But let have an in-depth look at it by understanding its pros and cons. 


Its main benefits/pros are:

  • There is a lot of flexibility in this profession. You can set your schedule the way you want. 
  • It comes with numerous options. You can be a fitness instructor, health writer, or even get into the education profession. 
  • You will have a chance to interact one on one with your clients. And it will help you to use your knowledge and creativity in training and weight loss.  


Cons of being a personal trainer are: 

  • There is uncertainty in its income. 
  • You have to market your services, which is quite tricky for many people. Consequently, they did not succeed in their business. 
  • It requires a lot of energy, both physical and mental. 

Final Words 

A personal trainer is a right profession. Get your school degree, choose a certificate of your liking, and pass an exam to be a fitness trainer. And finally, join a gym to get experience. Therefore, you can sell your expertise in the market.

How Kids Can Stay Safe Online

As a mother to many, I have worried about the kids being online, playing video games, in chat rooms, and communicating in any way to strangers on the other end. While 95% of the people they engage with online might be other kids, that leaves 5% of the remaining gamers as potential predators/threats to my child. As a blogging mother, and blogger that has a following of mothers, I thought it was time to write about the importance of your Childs safety online.

Children today are born into a world that is thriving with online access and capabilities. They use the Internet for research, play games, do school projects, and socialize with family and friends with just a click of a button.

Though this is an excellent tool for learning and connecting, children are at a high risk of becoming easy online prey. As adults, we know how dangerous the Internet can be. From online predators, scams, to cyberbullying, children are significantly susceptible to these negative traits. In order to ensure your child’s safety when they are web surfing, it is critical for parents to take the necessary precautions to avoid any detrimental outcomes. 

Educate Your Child

Education is key. First and foremost, you need to have a detailed educational session about proper Internet use before you allow your child to dive face-first into their computer screen. If they know what the red flags are and what to stay away from right in the beginning, it may deter them from going to specific sites altogether. Another preventative measure would be to introduce them to kid friendly sites in the first place, save them as bookmarks, and show them how to navigate to that pre-determined list of safe kids websites.

Parental Awareness

Another essential step is being aware of the sites they are searching for and who they are talking to. Make sure that any information being putting out there is appropriate and that your child is not sharing any essential information such as phone numbers and home addresses. You can do this by asking your child directly or investing in monitoring software.

Set Up Parental Controls

Even if you already went through Internet safety methods and monitor your child’s online activity, you can take the extra step and block individual sites that you know are dangerous. This prevents them from accessing those locations altogether, which will drastically reduce the risk of them becoming a victim. Look into your Internet service provider’s parental control options if they have them, or invest in software that blocks site access and restrict personal information from being sent online. Some platforms even offer alert settings, which will notify you instantly if your child tries to access an inappropriate or a blocked site.

Do Not Forget About Cell Phones

Chances are that if your child has a computer, they will most likely have a cellphone too that has Internet access. To cover all your basis, start monitoring their cellphone use as well. You can do this by having your child ask permission before installing new apps, set up safe search modes, and understanding their phone’s overall capabilities. There are also apps available that will monitor phone usage if you wish to take that route. 


The Internet opens doors to endless knowledge and opportunities.  However, with it comes high-risk situations. With children having the ability to explore the online world, making sure they have a safe place to venture is vital. This is why taking steps to tighten up security and limit certain pages that could be harmful, and adequately educating your child will help reduce the risk and give them a much safer browsing experience. 

How to Keep Sexual Harassment Out of the Workplace

It’s a new year, and with that comes change. If you work in a space that tolerates sexual harassment, it’s time to let your voice be heard. I know too many people that put up with this kind of behavior in the office and it’s just not acceptable. So instead of going on what would normally be a rant about those experiences, the people involved, and how this should be handles, I’m going to take a more professional approach and write about how to avoid this type of harassment at work.

Business is a place for debate and opinions, but we’re almost certain that everybody would agree with the fact that sexual harassment in the workplace is never a good thing. It can destroy the confidence and lives of the victims, it can harm the reputation of the business, and it can cause lots of disruption. Keeping sexual harassment out of the workplace and creating a work space that is hassle free should be an aim for all managers and business owners, and we’re here to provide help on how to achieve this! 

Set Clear Guidelines 

Before anything else, the company needs to adopt clear principles on sexual harassment. Not only should the employee handbook explain that sexual harassment isn’t tolerated, it should lay out consequences and even the definition of harassment to prevent any confusion. 

Additionally, businesses need to address the idea of retaliation. Sadly, some employees in the past have complained about sexual harassment only to then receive further abuse. 

Develop an Appropriate Complaints System 

Over the years, one of the biggest problems with sexual harassment has been the fact that workers have been reluctant to report cases. With clear guidelines set, the next step is to develop a proper complaints process so that all workers know that they can talk and that you will listen. Sometimes, the victim needs to know that their complaint will be kept anonymous for as long as possible, so this is something else to consider. 

Lead by Example 

Although this sounds obvious, everybody at the top needs to lead by example. If a manager breaches the guidelines every single day, everybody else in the workplace will assume that this sort of behavior is acceptable. Since the business doesn’t tolerate sexual harassment, this needs to apply at all levels. 

Offer Training 

With matters as delicate as this, education is often just as important as laying down guidelines and preventing it from happening. Especially with older generations where perhaps they grew up at a time where society was very different, yearly training can once again confirm what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace. With a good training program, your employees will learn: 

  • What qualifies as sexual harassment 
  • The importance of a workplace free from sexual harassment 
  • The complaints procedure 
  • The importance of people using the complaints procedure when necessary 

In addition to training employees who work on the ground level, I also recommend training all managers and supervisors. When people in this role haven’t really dealt with sexual harassment, they might make a simple mistake. Even by passing the information on to the wrong person, they can cause problems for the business and the individuals involved. With training, all managers and supervisors will know exactly how to deal with complaints, who needs the information, and what happens at every single step of the process. 

Set a Precedent

So far, this would be considered an amazing start, but your work’s not done. You have clear guidelines, a complaints system, the managers lead by example, and everybody receives the right training. At this stage, there’s only one thing that could bring it all down; not following the complaints procedure or sticking to your word. Just because one person is especially important to the business, they shouldn’t get special dispensation. The second that this happens, nobody will ever complain of sexual harassment again because they know there’s a lack of consequence. Also, you will lose your best staff because they won’t want to work in an environment where sexual harassment is accepted. 

If you follow my advice, and then set a precedent when somebody goes against the guidelines, this will give you the best chance of keeping the workplace free from sexual harassment…just as it should be! 

Turning Our Oklahoma Property Into An Air BnB Rental

So after our experience with the broken glass windows at the Air BnB rental, we decided to turn one of our rental properties in Oklahoma into an Air BnB rental. Here are my thoughts on this.

So we purchased a vacation rental in Oklahoma and decided to turn it into an Air BnB. The property was a small farm just outside of Edmond, Oklahoma, and it had one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. We bought it because my husband is an avid hunter and loves to go four wheeling, and Oklahoma has some fantastic off-road trails for him to drive around on.

This started as a summer property we were going to spend time at during the summer months. We quickly realized that there was potential to turn this thing into a rental during our off months. The rental property business is booming, and people are making a full-time living buying and renting a property through Air BnB.

We talked about this as an option to supplement income and decided it was the right route to take. We cleaned the place up, made an Ikea run in Houston (while visiting a friend), and had all the furniture delivered to the property the following week. Within two weeks, we had our first client renting and sleeping in our vacation home. It was a bittersweet experience. I did take out all the personal belongings, pictures of the family, and anything of value I couldn’t replace. It was still weird though, some strangers were staying in our vacation home, and I was not too fond of it at first.

Ok, time passed, and the money we started making made me get over the fact that complete strangers were staying in our little vacation home. So far, so good. The only issue with owning property out of state is managing it. If it’s rural enough, you don’t need to worry about homeowners association dues, landscaping, and other upkeep that’s expected in neighborhoods. If you buy a cabin in the woods, keeping up the landscape isn’t necessary, but there are other things to be considered like security. We installed video surveillance cameras and an alarm, and so far, we have yet to experience any problems with people tampering with our home.

Now that we don’t have to worry about those things, we just needed to find someone in Oklahoma to manage the property for us. After an Air BnB renter completes their stay, a cleaning crew needs to come in and change sheets, sweep, and mop the property. On top of that, we need someone that can manage the people coming in and out, change the combination of the door lock each time a renter checks out, and check on the property monthly for vandalism and general care. We ended up hiring a property management company in OKC to monitor the property and manage the Air BnB tenants for us.

It’s strange having people you don’t know stay in your vacation home; however, I do feel a bit of relief knowing that a great group of people is managing the property. They met us on the property, walked us through the process, and the fees were reasonable. Between the property management fees and the Air BnB fees, we are still able to make a few extra dollars each month to cover general expenses like water, electricity, Oklahoma property taxes, and repairs. Considering it’s a vacation home that we had intended to pay on ourselves, it’s nice having this side income to help pay for these extra expenses.

I’m not sure how people buy and rent homes as a full-time hustle? We thought about doing that locally here in Arizona, but housing prices here are going through the roof. It makes more sense to invest in rural properties in states like Oklahoma, where they are affordable, then to purchase and rent properties in places like Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale. Another option we have considered is investing in multiple vacation homes in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and California. Having them spread out like that would allow us to vacation in different states, but would require a little more effort to manage. If we find property management companies in each of those states, it could work for us.

Well, investing in Realestate is rather new to us, as we continue to navigate through all the ups and downs that come with it, I will make an effort to blog more regularly and share my experiences so that you can learn from our (my husbands) mistakes. Haha!!

Broken Glass at Oklahoma Air B and B

Windows Broken at Oklahoma Air BnB

We flew out to Oklahoma as a family in the first week of December to meet with some friends that we missed over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to make it out for Christmas, but it looks like we will be spending Christmas in Arizona, which is alright by me, less travel the better.

We rented an Air BnB outside of Oklahoma City in a suburb called Edmond. A beautiful place to stay in the winter, it was cold but beautiful. The home we rented was smaller, and the exterior looked as if it might have been built in the early 1900s. It was a brick foundation on a small lot of land, really cozy though, and the interior was remodeled lovely.

Sunday came along, and without a doubt, we had football on the TV because that’s what we do on Sundays. Well, the boys decided to go out in the backyard and throw the football around in the leaves. I was super excited that they were going outside, getting along, and getting exercise. This is what I always ask of them; however, there was a little twist to this Sunday’s adventure.

Broken Window

We were planning on driving into Oklahoma City on Monday, staying at a hotel, walking the downtown area, and preparing for our departure on Tuesday. Literally, as we were in the middle of planning the last stretch of our stay in Oklahoma, a football came crashing through the back window and disrupted everything. I tried not to get upset, but it was upsetting. Nothing in Edmond, Oklahoma, is open on Sunday afternoons, so there wasn’t anyone to call to fix the window. This meant that we had to scratch our plans for Monday, contact the owner of the Air BnB, and get the window replaced. We duct-taped a plastic trash bag over the window during the evening, which was concerning for safety reasons, I made the kids sleep upstairs, and we stayed the night downstairs.

Window Replacement

Monday came, and I was Googling everything in Edmond and Oklahoma City, and I couldn’t get anyone out for an emergency window repair. Then I came across Central Glass in OKC, and they had availability that afternoon to replace the broken window. It was a pretty quick swap and the homeowner swung by to check it out, they were really cool and understanding of the whole incident, so that made it more comfortable. The new window looked great, and we were out of Edmond by Monday afternoon and made it to Oklahoma City in time to get checked in to a hotel and walk around. If you know me, you know I love eating where locals eat, so we found some great spots to grub down and finished off the day with a local IPA called F5. If you are familiar with tornadoes and Oklahoma, then you know an F5 is a disastrous tornado, and I can only assume that if I had 5 of these, I might be a disaster also (haha).

Anyway, it was a fun trip! I just wanted to shout out to that beer company, the homeowner, and the glass company that made the trip from Oklahoma City to Edmond to replace the broken glass window. I guess we could have replaced the window ourselves, but I was on vacation! I’m glad to be back in AZ where it’s currently in the ’60s and the sun is shining on my face as I write this.

More family adventure stories to come this month as we attend holiday parties, visit family, and get festive as fck!

Auto Repair Peoria AZ

Arrowhead auto mechanic in Peoria, AZ. Servicing European imports.

When I do business with someone and feel they are deserving of a review, I’ll give them one. The same can be said when I deal with some scum-bag company that I have a poor experience with, if they have done me dirty, I’ll blog about it.

November 2019 NASCAR Race

So we were out in Avondale at the Phoenix International Raceway for the weekend watching some NASCAR and enjoying some downtime. I had picked up some friends in Peoria to join me and ended up staying the night there on Sunday because, well, because the beverages had been flowing good enough to justify me making a grown-up decision and not driving home. Monday was Veterans Day, and we were going to lay-low at the house for the day. I went to make a store run, and my Dodge Durango was running a little funny. I called my husband, who was back in Tempe, and he suggested that I take the car to Arrowhead Automotive in Peoria for repair. He has a Range Rover he takes there because they specialize in European Imports, but I wasn’t thrilled about making the trip. I had no choice, and off I went.

Best Auto Repair Mechanic in Peoria

Ok, so I ended up taking the Durango out there, and even though they specialize in high-end European imports, they took the Dodge without an issue. Now, I usually take it to Tempe Dodge for maintenance work and have thought all this time they were taking care of me, come to find out, and they charge way too much money. I had just gotten my A/C repaired at Tempe Dodge, and it cost me an arm and a leg. When I spoke with the lead mechanic Tommy, he treated me great, spoke in a language I could understand, and seemed legitimately concerned about resolving the issue with the Durango. I ended up grabbing a Lyft and left the Durango for repair. Based on the feedback my husband has given me, their Google Reviews, and the short period of time I spent with them, I would say these guys might be the best mechanics in AZ… well, maybe not all of AZ, but the best mechanics in Peoria.

Trust Issues With Mechanics

peoria auto mechanic

As a woman with minimal knowledge of how cars work, I have trust issues dealing with mechanics. I don’t think it’s from anything I have experienced first hand, and I think it has to do with me knowing nothing about something that often costs me a ton of money when problems surface. I felt different this time around dealing with Tommy at Arrowhead, he didn’t have that used car salesman vibe, he seemed like genuine people, and it seemed way more affordable compared to what Tempe Dodge has been charging me. I would refer my girlfriends and guy friends to them for business, and I feel they are trustworthy people, and that’s important to me. The other thing I appreciated was that it was co-operated by his wife, who was there to talk with me as they were explaining things. This was helpful and made the conversations more comfortable.

Next Time I’m in Peoria With Car Problems

I think I got lucky this time that my husband knew of an auto repair garage in Peoria, had I been in Sedona, I might have been stuck dealing with some local yahoo trying to drain me of every dollar I had. Referrals are helpful, especially when they come from family. I know very few of my readers are family, and many of you are from out of state, but for those of you that live in Arizona, and specifically if you live near Peoria, you should consider Arrowhead Imports next time your car is need of a checkup. Fortunately for me, the check engine light was a sensor issue and not an actual engine issue, still, replacing a sensor isn’t cheap, but with these guys, it was less expensive than it would have been at Tempe Dodge. From here on out, I’m going to make the trip from Tempe to Peoria for my automotive needs, and it’s worth the time and gas money for me to dee with a husband and wife owned business that seems genuinely concerned about helping you.

Braces Or Invisalign?

treating teeth with Invisalign trays

My niece is living in Oklahoma City and is about to get braces, but I suggested to her that she might want to take a shot at Invisalign. Seems like a less permanent option for anyone looking to get their teeth straightened without the long-term commitment of braces. Well, at the end of the day it’s up to her mother, but I always like to give my opinion to my niece and her mother, they both appreciate it and always seem thankful for the alternate perspective. The interesting thing about the discussion with both of them was, neither of them had even heard of Invisalign. So, I did what any awesome aunt would do, I wrote down some information and decided to share it here on my blog. Feel free to share this with anyone you might know who is considering braces and might find Invisalign is a better solution.

Invisalign is invisible and are custom made and shaped to your teeth. They are clear but still somewhat noticeable. Unlike braces, you get multiple trays customized to your teeth each time your teeth shift. Every two weeks you get a new tray. You take the trays out when you eat and brush your teeth after if you want to keep them clean. Then you just pop them back in and you’re good to go. This makes it super easy when on the go for adults and teens. They also come with a case to keep them safe and clean.

If you are interested in getting Invisalign, it would be best to schedule an appointment with your OKC orthodontist and they will have a consult with you discussing the entire process and costs. They will also discuss if this is the best option for you or if braces will speed up the process. They want you to be comfortable and efficient with the entire process of getting your teeth how you want them.

After the consultation you will get a digital scan of your mouth so that they are able to create a treatment plan. This comes with 3-D images of your teeth, mouth and jaw. Using these 3-D images, you will get a customized plan and be able to see great before and after results.

clear braces treatment options in Arizona.

Depending on what treatment plan your doctor wants to give you, the average time is about 12 months for Invisalign to work perfectly. For teens the treatment time can vary but it all depends on the person. Some orthodontics apply bumps on the teeth to help the Invisalign grip the teeth better to ensure the teeth are moving the correct way.

Invisalign not only fixes gaps and alignment but it will also help with dental problems. Gapped teeth will leave gums more exposed to bacteria which is unhealthy. Over and underbites can cause jaw stress and overcrowded teeth increase the amount of plaque. Invisalign is able to cure all of these problems.

Invisalign is easy to wear as an everyday routine. You can go all day while wearing them and take them out as you eat. When you brush your teeth, you can clean your trays too. Your teeth are cleaner with Invisalign because you clean them as you brush your teeth. Where braces you cannot take off.

They are clear so your smile is 90% normal and make you still feel like yourself. Once you’ve finished treatment with a great smile, you will get retainers. This part of the process is the same whether you had braces or Invisalign. Retainers are a must because your teeth can easily shift, especially right after treatment. Typically, you only wear your retainer at night but maybe for the first couple days they recommend wearing it throughout the day just to get used to it since your teeth have relied on structure for so long. After that you just continue to wear your retainer and you are ready to show off your perfect smile.