Braces Or Invisalign?

treating teeth with Invisalign trays

My niece is living in Oklahoma City and is about to get braces, but I suggested to her that she might want to take a shot at Invisalign. Seems like a less permanent option for anyone looking to get their teeth straightened without the long-term commitment of braces. Well, at the end of the day it’s up to her mother, but I always like to give my opinion to my niece and her mother, they both appreciate it and always seem thankful for the alternate perspective. The interesting thing about the discussion with both of them was, neither of them had even heard of Invisalign. So, I did what any awesome aunt would do, I wrote down some information and decided to share it here on my blog. Feel free to share this with anyone you might know who is considering braces and might find Invisalign is a better solution.

Invisalign is invisible and are custom made and shaped to your teeth. They are clear but still somewhat noticeable. Unlike braces, you get multiple trays customized to your teeth each time your teeth shift. Every two weeks you get a new tray. You take the trays out when you eat and brush your teeth after if you want to keep them clean. Then you just pop them back in and you’re good to go. This makes it super easy when on the go for adults and teens. They also come with a case to keep them safe and clean.

If you are interested in getting Invisalign, it would be best to schedule an appointment with your OKC orthodontist and they will have a consult with you discussing the entire process and costs. They will also discuss if this is the best option for you or if braces will speed up the process. They want you to be comfortable and efficient with the entire process of getting your teeth how you want them.

After the consultation you will get a digital scan of your mouth so that they are able to create a treatment plan. This comes with 3-D images of your teeth, mouth and jaw. Using these 3-D images, you will get a customized plan and be able to see great before and after results.

clear braces treatment options in Arizona.

Depending on what treatment plan your doctor wants to give you, the average time is about 12 months for Invisalign to work perfectly. For teens the treatment time can vary but it all depends on the person. Some orthodontics apply bumps on the teeth to help the Invisalign grip the teeth better to ensure the teeth are moving the correct way.

Invisalign not only fixes gaps and alignment but it will also help with dental problems. Gapped teeth will leave gums more exposed to bacteria which is unhealthy. Over and underbites can cause jaw stress and overcrowded teeth increase the amount of plaque. Invisalign is able to cure all of these problems.

Invisalign is easy to wear as an everyday routine. You can go all day while wearing them and take them out as you eat. When you brush your teeth, you can clean your trays too. Your teeth are cleaner with Invisalign because you clean them as you brush your teeth. Where braces you cannot take off.

They are clear so your smile is 90% normal and make you still feel like yourself. Once you’ve finished treatment with a great smile, you will get retainers. This part of the process is the same whether you had braces or Invisalign. Retainers are a must because your teeth can easily shift, especially right after treatment. Typically, you only wear your retainer at night but maybe for the first couple days they recommend wearing it throughout the day just to get used to it since your teeth have relied on structure for so long. After that you just continue to wear your retainer and you are ready to show off your perfect smile.