Investing In An OffRoad Vehicle – Which Is Right For You

Off-road enthusiasts love their toys, and nothing can be more fun than taking those toys out into the wilderness and putting your toy to the test. There is an argument that exists around off-road vehicles, and which are the best for particular terrain, and off-road applications. Luxury offroad cars have gained a lot of attention lately, and here we will share with you some of the reasons why you might want to invest in a luxury off-road vehicle, versus an older Jeep, Bronco, or Scout.

Modern off-road trucks are equipped with advanced technology that allows you to navigate your terrain in a way that the older trucks don’t. Built-in navigation, airbag suspension, and comfort are all available with luxury vehicles. Traditional off-road trucks came with the basic necessities to get you where you wanted to go, even if it meant sacrificing comfort. Who buying a newer model offload vehicle, they come standard with the suspension and lifts that you need to venture into the wilderness. Aftermarket modifications are available but are not always necessary.

The older models often need work and upgrades. Suspension upgrades, steering column, driveshafts, lifts, and engine modifications. Interiors often need to be reupholstered and rusted or rotten floorboards cut out and replaced. With the older vehicles, these modifications are usually easier to make then newer model SUV vehicles. The earlier models allow you to customize the cars more and without the need for computer technology, as is needed with more advanced offload systems.

If you are considering a luxury offload vehicle, here are the top 5 models available for consumers:

Mercedes Benz G 550 

• Land Rover Defender 90

• Land Rover Discovery 

• Toyota FJ Cruiser

• Jeep Rubicon

If you are considering an older offroad vehicle, here are the top 5 models available for consumers:

• Ford Bronco 

• Toyota Land Cruiser 

• International Scout 

• Willys Jeep 

• Chevy K5 Blazer

Any of those models would be suitable for off-road adventures and overland exploration. The dependability of the European imports have been proven for years, but require expensive repairs when the damage has been done to the vehicle. Older cars have more common parts that are easier to purchase and install. These modifications and repairs can be done by individuals with minimal knowledge, making the older offroad vehicles more desirable for those with smaller budgets.

For those interested in Rock Crawling, consider buying an older stock jeep that can be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt from the ground up. Rock crawling vehicles require more suspension travel, lower gear ratios, and larger wheels. Many rock crawlers don’t use bodies and eliminate the wheel well altogether, making it possible to install larger tires for better ground clearance. 
High-performance offroad modifications can make a standard model truck or SUV an ultimate off-road machine. You can make these modifications yourself if you have the time and money, or you can hire an automotive professional to handle all the mechanical upgrades needed to make the truck run right for harsh offroad terrain.