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Arrowhead auto mechanic in Peoria, AZ. Servicing European imports.

When I do business with someone and feel they are deserving of a review, I’ll give them one. The same can be said when I deal with some scum-bag company that I have a poor experience with, if they have done me dirty, I’ll blog about it.

November 2019 NASCAR Race

So we were out in Avondale at the Phoenix International Raceway for the weekend watching some NASCAR and enjoying some downtime. I had picked up some friends in Peoria to join me and ended up staying the night there on Sunday because, well, because the beverages had been flowing good enough to justify me making a grown-up decision and not driving home. Monday was Veterans Day, and we were going to lay-low at the house for the day. I went to make a store run, and my Dodge Durango was running a little funny. I called my husband, who was back in Tempe, and he suggested that I take the car to Arrowhead Automotive in Peoria for repair. He has a Range Rover he takes there because they specialize in European Imports, but I wasn’t thrilled about making the trip. I had no choice, and off I went.

Best Auto Repair Mechanic in Peoria

Ok, so I ended up taking the Durango out there, and even though they specialize in high-end European imports, they took the Dodge without an issue. Now, I usually take it to Tempe Dodge for maintenance work and have thought all this time they were taking care of me, come to find out, and they charge way too much money. I had just gotten my A/C repaired at Tempe Dodge, and it cost me an arm and a leg. When I spoke with the lead mechanic Tommy, he treated me great, spoke in a language I could understand, and seemed legitimately concerned about resolving the issue with the Durango. I ended up grabbing a Lyft and left the Durango for repair. Based on the feedback my husband has given me, their Google Reviews, and the short period of time I spent with them, I would say these guys might be the best mechanics in AZ… well, maybe not all of AZ, but the best mechanics in Peoria.

Trust Issues With Mechanics

peoria auto mechanic

As a woman with minimal knowledge of how cars work, I have trust issues dealing with mechanics. I don’t think it’s from anything I have experienced first hand, and I think it has to do with me knowing nothing about something that often costs me a ton of money when problems surface. I felt different this time around dealing with Tommy at Arrowhead, he didn’t have that used car salesman vibe, he seemed like genuine people, and it seemed way more affordable compared to what Tempe Dodge has been charging me. I would refer my girlfriends and guy friends to them for business, and I feel they are trustworthy people, and that’s important to me. The other thing I appreciated was that it was co-operated by his wife, who was there to talk with me as they were explaining things. This was helpful and made the conversations more comfortable.

Next Time I’m in Peoria With Car Problems

I think I got lucky this time that my husband knew of an auto repair garage in Peoria, had I been in Sedona, I might have been stuck dealing with some local yahoo trying to drain me of every dollar I had. Referrals are helpful, especially when they come from family. I know very few of my readers are family, and many of you are from out of state, but for those of you that live in Arizona, and specifically if you live near Peoria, you should consider Arrowhead Imports next time your car is need of a checkup. Fortunately for me, the check engine light was a sensor issue and not an actual engine issue, still, replacing a sensor isn’t cheap, but with these guys, it was less expensive than it would have been at Tempe Dodge. From here on out, I’m going to make the trip from Tempe to Peoria for my automotive needs, and it’s worth the time and gas money for me to dee with a husband and wife owned business that seems genuinely concerned about helping you.