How Many Types of Terpenes Are Found in Cannabis?

Of all the different compounds found in cannabis, THC, and CBD gets all the attention. However, terpenes are another compound that deserves equal attention and recognition. This compound contributes to the smell and flavor of whatever strain you might be using. People do not often realize this, but the flavor and aroma of every cannabis strain tell you something about the strain. 

Just like other cannabis compounds, even organic terpenes are designed to attach to the receptors in your brain, creating an amazing vibe altogether. There are many types of terpenes found in cannabis so let’s check them out and be better informed about the stuff we are using.        

  1. Linalool: This is the type of terpene that is known for having many positive medical benefits. People using this have mostly been reported to feel calm and sedated after consuming or smoking cannabis. 

Therefore, people use cannabis with linalool terpene to tackle conditions such as depression, insomnia, convulsions, pain, stress, and even anxiety. Furthermore, linalool has a unique citrus, spicy, and floral aroma that can be found in different variants, including citrus fruits, birch, lavender, laurel, rosewood, and even birch. 

  1. Myrcene: Myrcene is known for having many beneficial qualities that include anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and other properties that can help counter inflammation. This is one of those few terpenes that has the potential to enhance the effects of THC, which further helps one feel more relaxed. 

The unique aroma found in Myrcene comes with a tinge of clove, citrus, musk, and herbal. However, the best thing about Myrcene is that it can be found in many variant flavors that include lemongrass, mango, citrus, bay leaf, and thyme. This ensures that using cannabis with Myrcene terpenes means you are in for a good trip.

  1. Humulene: This is another beneficial terpene largely known for its pain-relieving properties along with other anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Most people who have used this particular type of terpene have reported lower appetite than usual. This certainly seems to contradict the general notion, considering that cannabis is largely known for enhancing appetite. 

However, chemicals can sometimes be funny, and you never know how they will interact with your body. One can find humulene in many variants with flavors that include coriander and hops. The aroma found in humulene is a very similar smell to an earthy and woody aroma.

  1. Caryophyllene: Of all the cannabis organic terpenes one can find in the market, caryophyllene is one of the best. This terpene is commonly known for functioning as an antioxidant that can help with varied conditions such as insomnia, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. However, there are no documented physical effects of using caryophyllene. 

Nonetheless, the aroma found in this terpene is very similar to a spicy and woody smell with a tinge of pepper. Plus, caryophyllene is found in many flavors, including cloves, oregano, pepper, basil, and hops.                  

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most well-known types of cannabis terpenes for sale available in the market. Therefore, next time you head out for cannabis shopping, make sure to discuss the qualities of these terpenes and more at your preferred cannabis store.