Broken Glass at Oklahoma Air B and B

Windows Broken at Oklahoma Air BnB

We flew out to Oklahoma as a family in the first week of December to meet with some friends that we missed over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to make it out for Christmas, but it looks like we will be spending Christmas in Arizona, which is alright by me, less travel the better.

We rented an Air BnB outside of Oklahoma City in a suburb called Edmond. A beautiful place to stay in the winter, it was cold but beautiful. The home we rented was smaller, and the exterior looked as if it might have been built in the early 1900s. It was a brick foundation on a small lot of land, really cozy though, and the interior was remodeled lovely.

Sunday came along, and without a doubt, we had football on the TV because that’s what we do on Sundays. Well, the boys decided to go out in the backyard and throw the football around in the leaves. I was super excited that they were going outside, getting along, and getting exercise. This is what I always ask of them; however, there was a little twist to this Sunday’s adventure.

Broken Window

We were planning on driving into Oklahoma City on Monday, staying at a hotel, walking the downtown area, and preparing for our departure on Tuesday. Literally, as we were in the middle of planning the last stretch of our stay in Oklahoma, a football came crashing through the back window and disrupted everything. I tried not to get upset, but it was upsetting. Nothing in Edmond, Oklahoma, is open on Sunday afternoons, so there wasn’t anyone to call to fix the window. This meant that we had to scratch our plans for Monday, contact the owner of the Air BnB, and get the window replaced. We duct-taped a plastic trash bag over the window during the evening, which was concerning for safety reasons, I made the kids sleep upstairs, and we stayed the night downstairs.

Window Replacement

Monday came, and I was Googling everything in Edmond and Oklahoma City, and I couldn’t get anyone out for an emergency window repair. Then I came across Central Glass in OKC, and they had availability that afternoon to replace the broken window. It was a pretty quick swap and the homeowner swung by to check it out, they were really cool and understanding of the whole incident, so that made it more comfortable. The new window looked great, and we were out of Edmond by Monday afternoon and made it to Oklahoma City in time to get checked in to a hotel and walk around. If you know me, you know I love eating where locals eat, so we found some great spots to grub down and finished off the day with a local IPA called F5. If you are familiar with tornadoes and Oklahoma, then you know an F5 is a disastrous tornado, and I can only assume that if I had 5 of these, I might be a disaster also (haha).

Anyway, it was a fun trip! I just wanted to shout out to that beer company, the homeowner, and the glass company that made the trip from Oklahoma City to Edmond to replace the broken glass window. I guess we could have replaced the window ourselves, but I was on vacation! I’m glad to be back in AZ where it’s currently in the ’60s and the sun is shining on my face as I write this.

More family adventure stories to come this month as we attend holiday parties, visit family, and get festive as fck!