Busy Mom Hacks: 3 Quick Snacks On The Go!

Busy Mom Hacks: 3 Quick Snacks On The Go!

These days, as a mom, I’m always battling the clock! So here are 3 quick & healthy snacks that I recommend that you can take with you at any time to keep you all fueled up throughout the day. Comment below for suggestions of what you want to see as well!

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21 thoughts on Busy Mom Hacks: 3 Quick Snacks On The Go!

  1. Is Channing the one filming? Btw I love you and your family!!!!!!

  2. Love the snacks thanks!! Great for on the go! Do you have any sweet snack ideas as well?

  3. It is so adorable to see you as a sweet Mom just talking about your daily snacks. Your quirks are so cute.

  4. I love the avocado bread idea. I never thought of that. Right before you added the lemon, in my head i was like maybe some lemon pepper would taste good?then you added lemon! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  5. Lol I love it!!!!!….. ha screw the strainer yasssss ? omg u kind of scared me cutting that avocado but then I noticed it was a butter knife phheewww Thank B-gheeezus ? on a more serious note , great snacks to make that last one a meal I add an egg and a sprinkle of black pepper ??

  6. I would love more food videos..and day in the life videos..that would be fun

  7. Garageband for your first day I saw your video popcorn

  8. i love edamame also another quick way to cook edamame is to microwave it

  9. Would love to see more videos like this! I’m trying to clean up my diet so it’s nice to see what other people do for meals and snacks.

  10. Yummy! Can you please tell me what brand are the bean and rice chips? Thank you!

  11. Avocado toast and edamame added to the rotation! Let’s see if the kids will actually eat it… ? I think a pan over to moms living out your tips and tricks in every day situations would be fun… and hilarious… and relatable! Like me trying to make one of my fave snacks.. with the “help” of my kids… in my everyday kitchen… in my pajamas… with my kids fighting over who gets to lick the spoon… #yesthatjusthappened

    5 ingredient peanut butter energy bites- I add chai seeds and NOW hemp seeds (idea from this video! Thank you for that!) your welcome for your new addiction


  12. Lol yep, no time for a strainer in our house either! I use the sink A LOT ha ha.
    A knife against the end of the pot is my of her fave 😉

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