Off Road Adventure in Sedona

Off Roading In Sedona For Spring Break

Arizona Travel Adventures

Spring break is already approaching at the speed of life. I can’t believe that shortly after that we will be entering the summer months and the kids will be home again for 3 months. Whatever though, I can’t slow down time, but I can sure manage it. I have rented an off road Jeep for a fun 3 day excursion in Sedona with my husband and kids. My husband and our 10 year old son really enjoy hunting, and they spend a lot of time in our old hunting Jeep driving through the Arizona desert where they hunt quail during the season and other varmints. But this spring break I have planned an off road adventure that the girls can ride along for.

Jeep Tours In Sedona

I had read a lot about the Jeep tours in Arizona offered by Pink Jeep tours and some of the other local excursion companies. The problem I have is that we don’t want to be confined to a vehicle with someone else at the wheel. The Jeep tours have good reviews and seem to be great for the family that wants a mellow journey through Sedona. That is NOT US! My husband would go stir crazy sitting in a Pink Jeep while some uninterested driver earned his hourly wage navigating the desert carefully to avoid injury and excitement. We will be off roading Sedona this spring break, but not in the back of a Pink Jeep… hell no!

Sedona 4×4 Rentals

Ok, so the tour thing would be cool for my mom or my grandmothermye jeep off road rentals but the adventure resides in renting your own Jeep for a few days, hitting the trails that you want to hit, stopping when you want to stop, and spending the night where you want to spend it. I ended up renting a 4 door Jeep for us. We can pack the entire crew in it with room in the far back for packing an ice chest and our bags. We reserved our Jeep through this Sedona off road rental company and are extremely excited to hit the trail heads with our family. There is a built in navigation system with pre-programmed trails for us to travel, but knowing my husband the GPS system will be turned off and he will be driving up the hills that we probably shouldn’t be driving up. These off road rentals in Sedona are perfect for family excursions. We checked the Jeeps out before I booked the rental. the Jeeps were well maintained and reliable, so packing my kids into them isn’t going to be an issue for me.

Trails To Explore in Sedona

There are amazing trails out in Sedona and the surrounding areas. If you have never visited Sedona and the beautiful Red Rock formations that exist you will be pleasantly surprised.

Schnebly Hill Road –

Outlaw Trail –

Oak Creek Trail

Diamondback Gulch –

Van Deren Cabin Trail –

Soldiers Pass –

Broken Arrow Trail –

House Mountain Trail –

Other Places To Explore in Sedona

slide rock in Sedona

Ok, so after the fun has come and from exploring Sedona, we will be winding down for a few days around the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Not so much a place for the kids, but we will have to make that work. I have heard that there are a few amazing restaurants in the area that offer great steaks. There are also some very cool local adventures you can check out like the cowboy adventures offered by a local adventure company. Also while we are there we will be dining out for some good eats at the best steak house in Sedona. There is nothing I would rather do then enjoy all these excursions with my husband and kids, but if we end up eating there we might find ourselves a babysitter so we can sit down and enjoy a meal without the distractions of the kiddos. If the weather is warm enough we will visit Slide Rock for some fun in the river and the natural rock water slides.

Parenting Hacks, and a Big Break for Mom

Parenting Hacks, and a Big Break for Mom

Ellen shared some unique parenting hacks with her audience, and announced a contest for moms who just need a break!

Mens Barber For Valentines

Groom Your Man For Valentines Day

straight edge razor shave

Valentine’s day is approaching! Ladies, if you are searching for a perfect present for the men on your gift list, consider the gift that is unconventional, but appreciated by men of all ages:  a trip to the barber shop! Men, regardless of their ages, love to feel pampered and a barber shop appointment is an ideal solution—something he wouldn’t usually get for himself, but an indulgence; a special treatment for a king!

Men won’t come right out and say it, but deep down, they like to look good and feel good. Most barber shops offer individual services or packages geared just for men because being pampered isn’t just for women! Offer the man in your life a unique opportunity to unwind and relax or to partake of some aesthetic services to make him feel brand new again. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness and he’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated and pampered—just like he deserves! He can take advantage of some traditional beauty services and feel great about how he looks. From teens to granddads, a barbershop treatment is the ultimate gift.

Each barber shop varies its services, so make sure you are either buying a particular service, package, or they offer gift certificates to be used on a treatment of his choice. Many men enjoy traditional services, like an attentive shave. To truly impress your man, invest in a spa shave—one that includes a hot towel service, a pre-shave oil, an old-fashioned, close shave with a straight edge razor and hot lather, and wraps up with an aftershave balm to hydrate the skin. He may shave daily, but he’s never had a treatment like this! His skin will be silky smooth, and he will love the relaxation he feels while in the chair!

Another great option for men: a spa manicure and pedicure. This is a simple, yet comfortable way for your man to feel pampered, and you may even enjoy the experience together! He’ll really love the hand massage and paraffin treatment and the way his hands look after his nails are filed, clipped and buffed. And if he has never had a pedicure, he will completely appreciate the whirlpool spa, the leg massage and hot towel wraps, and the meticulous attention to his feet. It’s a great way to unwind after a tough week at work and no, he doesn’t have to have his nails painted!

In addition to stylized hair treatments, including haircuts, highlights, and scalp massages, many barber shops also offer waxing services for men. If your man is embarrassed by the hair on his back, shoulders or other body parts, waxing is an excellent answer to that problem. Hair removal by hot wax is a quick, effective way to leave him smooth and sleek while in a private, soothing environment. Barber shop waxing rooms offer calming music, aromatherapy and skilled, trained professionals to ensure the comfort of the client. He may be apprehensive at first, especially if he’s seen “The 40-Year Old Virgin”, but once he experiences a true waxing treatment, he’ll crave the maintenance of his newly soft, smooth skin!

5 MOM HACKS (4) | mamiblock – Der Mami Blog

5 MOM HACKS (4) | mamiblock – Der Mami Blog

Life Hacks sind total simple, aber effektive Dinge, die einem den Alltag erleichtern. Ich habe hier mal 5 life hacks for moms zusammengestellt und ausprobiert, also 5 Dinge, die den Familienalltag erleichtern und die ihr deshalb unbedingt kennen solltet.

Schreibt mir doch eure Lieblings – Life Hacks in die Kommentare. Vielleicht kennt ihr ja sogar auch noch gut life hacks. Ich freu mich, wenn ihr mir schreibt.

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Meine Titelmusik ist von Roger Subirana Mata und heißt “Tales Of Trees”.

What Is MCT Oil

What’s MCT Oil

MCT Oils for energyMCTs are a kind of fat which may be easily used for energy from your own body and don’t need to be broken down prior to usage. They’re precursors to ketones and help your body burn fat rather than burning carbohydrates. Ketones are among their brain’s two main fuel resources, in addition to a very important supply of ATP energy to the body. ATP energy is what enables each and every muscle in your body to maneuver. While ketones from fat, instead of glycogen from carbs, are the principal source of fuel for people on a ketogenic diet, however, you do not need to totally go keto to gain out of MCT oil and ketones.

** MCTs get their name due to the period of the chemical structure. All sorts of fatty acids comprise of strings of associated hydrogen and carbon. **

•• Othere using MCT Oils for appetite control have also found success with CBD Oils. **

Most fats absorbed are taken into your body then needs to be blended with bile discharged in the gut and acted by pancreatic enzymes to break it down into your digestive tract. Medium-chain fats are digested easily and as soon as they reach your gut they’re sent through the blood directly to a liver, in which they have a thermogenic effect and also the capability to positively change your metabolism. MCTs even pass the adrenal barrier to provide your mind with an immediate increase of energy. MCTs are absorbed faster than longer chain fats, since there is less work for your entire body to perform, in breaking the carbon bonds, meaning that they may be used faster as fuel, instead of being stored as fat. MCT oils can be broken into four subcategories.

MCT oil is dispersed and derived from coconut oil (but some also come from palm oil), so while olive oil includes MCTs, it isn’t 100 percent MCT oil; coconut oil includes a high percentage of lauric acid, which functions similar to a naturally-occurring fatty acid (instead of medium-chain). Coconut oil, since it comprises MCTs conveys these very same advantages, but not as powerful and focused as pure MCT oil. As a result of this, coconut oil doesn’t convert quite as economically into ketones and consequently doesn’t contribute just as much of a power increase as the right MCT. Nor does it suppress appetite or assist feed your mind how C8 and C10 do.

Coconut oil is about 50 percent linoleic acid. edible coconut oil with mctLauric acid (or C12) takes a pit stop from the liver for processing instead of becoming immediately converted to energy such as another MCT’s (C8 and C10).

** While technically tagged an MCT by scientists, C12, lauric acid, acts longer, biologically speaking, such as an LCT (long chain triglyceride), which means that you do not get the speedy ketone power to fuel your mind and body which you do away from other MCTs. If it’s own right, malic acid does have lots of its own advantages, such as with antimicrobial advantages, which can be successful in combating a variety of infections. **

The two MCT and coconut oil also offer anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties and may also offer you anti-microbial aid, to help rid the intestine of harmful pathogenic germs, parasites, parasites, etc..

How to Pick a Quality MCT Oil?

For fluid MCT Oil, I usually opt for Brain Octane Oil that is 100 percent C8, which will be ideal for brain functionality. C8 is 18 times more powerful than coconut oil. Bulletproof’s XCT petroleum that is equally C8 and C10, is 6 times more capable of providing medium chain triglycerides compared to ordinary coconut oil. C10 is much slower to become energy compared to C8, but is less expensive. Prevent C6s since they may cause gastrointestinal distress. Furthermore, if your MCT oil manufacturer of selection makes your neck burn off or has a bizarre flavor, 1 reason could be that the distillation didn’t eliminate enough of the C6. Coconut oil is greatest in C12 (Lauric Acid) MCTs, therefore in case an MCT oil is C12 derived, I advise you to save your cash and only opt for coconut oil, then you’ll find exactly the very same advantages. There are loads of manufacturers of MCT oils available on the marketplace, therefore it is ideal to do your homework on where they’re derived from, how they’re expressed and which kind of MCTs they feature.

When purchasing MCT oil, constantly search for powder or oil that’s been expressed or processed without using solvents. Many liquid MCT oils are produced through chemical/solvent optimizing, which may mean that they need using compounds like hexane and distinct enzymes and combustion compounds. Not great, safe or clean. Furthermore, lots of MCT Oil Powders have additives, thickeners and compounds added, therefore best to make certain you’re selecting an MCT Oil Powder which is clean and free from any crap, such as Perfect Ketone’s MCT Powder.

How to Eat MCT Oil?

how to consume mct oilThough some people suggest using in salad dressings, homemade mayo, etc, I’d caution against having a lot of, a little goes a very long way using MCT oil plus a few too many tablespoons of dressing or mayo slathered in your sandwich could result in an upset stomach, depending on how sensitive you’re.

Cosmetic Cautions:

It’s crucial to begin using MCT oil gradually. As it’s so easily and quickly employed by your system, it may result in gastrointestinal distress in case you jump in too fast (however less using all the MCT oil powder compared to the liquid). For many, the outcomes from a lot of MCT oil too fast can result in what’s commonly known as “tragedy pants” — use your creativity with this one. It’s usually considered smart and safe to begin using 1/2 to 1 tsp and operate around 1 to 3 tbsp each day, as your digestion and stomach allow.

That said, however, as a direct fat it may nevertheless be taxing on your system, being with no gallbladder, perhaps more than the typical individual, so please proceed slow, start small and I’d strongly consider consulting with the opinion of your medical care provider or like bile or digestive tract supplementation (which I would strongly suggest, together with gallbladder removal, no matter swallowing MCT oil).

As with any other food or supplements, it’s wholly possible to get too much of a fantastic thing and also to take your ingestion of MCTs and even coconut oil too much better. Furthermore, bio-individuality has to be taken into consideration. Always. We’re all distinct. Some research indicates excessive quantities of MCT or coconut oil can trigger inflammatory or immune problems within the entire body. I find the MCT Oil Powder for a much more tender and simpler option compared to liquid oil.

Read The PDF: The Use Of Medium Chain Triglycerides In Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Readers Also Enjoyed: Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials

When you first become a parent you go a little overboard with the ‘essentials.’ The bouncers, the bottles, the bumbos, the ‘stuff!’

As your kids grow, the stuff that you thought was so important dwindles … there’s still ‘stuff’ but now it’s THEIR stuff, the stuff they can’t live without … the dolls, the toys, the crafts, the crayons.

But you also learn about the ‘stuff’ that makes a big difference for you as a parent. The day to day stuff that make a difference in your life, that actually makes your life a little easier.

For us we have a small but crucial list:

  • the crib rail: we’re not sure when we are ever going to get rid of these. Maybe when they’re 15. The peace of mind knowing that we likely won’t hear a ‘thud’ from them falling out of bed in the middle of the night is enough reason for us to keep them up.
  • their blankies: I know I had one when I was a kid and the girls have had theirs since they were born. It’s a comfort that they use at nighttime and when upset and we don’t have plans of getting rid of them anytime soon.
  • their little ‘magic’ unicorn stuffed animals. These are essential (because of their magical powers) for getting rid of bad dreams.
  • air purifier: we crack these out at the start of cold and flu season. We use a Germ-guardian that plugs into the wall. It somehow uses UV light to zap germs in the air to help combat cold and flu season.
  • Quality essential oils: this is something that I’m new to, but whenever the girls have sniffles or snuffy noses, I just drop the oils on their feet and in their humidifier and it helps with their symptoms.
  • Humidifier: even with a built-in humidifier in our home it is extremely dry. We have a humidifier in our room and the girls room and we use them year round.
  • Blackout blinds: we will NEVER be getting rid of these! In fact, we even have them in our room too! Totally worth the money to help us all get a few extra zzzz’s.
  • Flashlights: the girls don’t like having a nightlight, but they do like their flashlights. We hang them on their bedposts and when they need them (if they’re afraid or want to read/play in bed for a few extra minutes).

And last, but not least …

  • Sammy the sleep sheep: what is this? This is probably the best $80 I ever spent! At about 4-years old our girls started going through a phase where they would wake up, not know what time it was, stay in their beds and scream at the top of their lungs to us in the other room “IS IT MORNING TIME YET???” They wouldn’t get out of bed, instead, they would just lay there screaming until we answered them.
  • I found a bunch of toddler clock options, but which one to choose? We actually purchased another one and returned it because the nightlight was way too bright even on the lowest setting.
  • We then found Sammy! He’s a little clock shaped like a sheep who closes his eyes at bedtime and opens them when it’s time to wake up (you set this time). His clock face dims or turns off entirely during the nighttime and turns green 30 minutes before it’s ‘morning time.’ Since getting Sammy the girls know exactly when it’s morning time and just play in their beds until Sammy says it’s time to get up.



*note: I have not been paid by any of the companies/products above, these are just things that work for us.*

When Parents Get Bullied

There are some topics online that are better left avoided. After all, you know that no matter which position you take, someone is going to push back. The “mommy wars”, which are really directed at all parents, are the stuff of both legend and reality. Companies produce ads parodying the viciousness of the opposing sides to almost every parenting decision that has to be made.

The Internet and social media have made connecting with other parents easier, and simultaneously, harder. It is now possible to ask a question or do a search online and get answers from all over the globe. While that makes it harder to connect and meet with local parents for play dates, it does make it easier to get a variety of opinions and resources.
So what happens when you are the one put on the defensive?
Unfortunately, those opinions are sometimes strong, even aggressive. And that would put any well-meaning new parent on the defensive. After all, it doesn’t feel good to be attacked, especially if you are genuinely looking for input from others who have been there, done that.

The truth is that high school bullies sometimes grow up to be adult bullies. And then they become parents and nothing has changed. There will always be those who choose to insist that their way and their opinions are the right and best way. They will aggressively pursue that logic, to the detriment of others. It is no different than the grade school or high school bully.
So what do you do?
The easy advice is what all of us will tell our children at some point – just walk away. But we also all know that it isn’t really that simple. Online attacks are vicious, even more so because the attack is behind a screen. The best way to handle online bullies is to follow these tips:

  1. Make sure your social media profile privacy settings are as strong as possible. This is particularly important if you share pictures of your children (and is good advice in general). But bullies like to dig through profiles to find more information to add to their attack, don’t give them the ammunition.
  2. Consider your question before posting. By this we mean, don’t use the Internet for information you should really be looking to a professional for. Your child’s doctor, or your own, teachers, and other professionals in your life are the best resource for a lot of your questions, and they know you and your child best.
  3. Use the ‘unfollow’, “leave group”, and “block” buttons judiciously. The Internet is vast and amazing; leaving one group does not mean you will never find support anywhere else ever again. If a particular thread becomes inappropriate, unfollow it. If a particular person is especially hostile, block them. You have nothing to prove by enduring online bullying.


You have nothing to prove

You are an amazing parent – even if you don’t think you are, even if you have no idea what you are doing, even if you were peed on right before you threw your hands up in the air, sat down on the floor, and cried while reading this article. Those who would bully you online are doing so from a place of their own insecurity, and it is no reflection on you, your parenting, your family, or the love you have for your child. At the end of the day, you are working to be the best parent possible for your child, no one else’s. And your child knows they are loved.

So ignore the bullies, and keep being your awesome self.
Meaghan Grant works with families to explore their options and help them to discover their own strength through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She is a Certified Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Postpartum Placenta Specialist. As co-owner of Toronto Family Doulas, Hamilton Family Doulas, and Family Doulas of Ottawa, she is committed to providing judgement-free support of all birth and parenting choices.

Keeping My Home Free Of Pests

Messy Kids Attract Pests

sun room in arizonaLiving in Arizona has many perks, the weather is warm, the landscapes are beautiful, and you  can swim 5 months out of the year which is great for the kids. Our Arizona Sun Room sits off to the side of the pool and is equipped with a picnic bench, mini fridge, fans, mister, and a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. This is awesome for entertaining adults and kids. The problem I have faced is clean up after a birthday party or an event that we put together for the adults. Anything that spills with sugar attracts bees and ants. Both can be extremely annoying, and if you are an AZ resident then you know that cockroaches are just about everywhere. When the kids throw the crust of their sandwich off into the bushes, or an adult dumps out a beer into the garden it creates an opportunity for rodents and insects to feast. Well, I am no fan of these nasty little critters, nor do I want them in my Arizona room. To keep them out, and out of my yard I have hired a company that offers pest control services in Phoenix. Pre-treating the property a week prior to having any events has proven to be an efficient way to handle the infestations. Especially with the red ants. They are so small, but extremely aggressive and the kids are often times bit and left with itchy ant bites on their feet and ankles. The cockroaches seem to survive anything you throw at them, but two treatments leading up to your bug event should prove worthy enough to limit the amount of them you may see wondering in the backyard. Arizona cockroaches are hard to kill, but believe me, as a mother of 4, I will find a way to kill them to keep them from my babies.

Great Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

Bento Boxes For Lunch

fun lunch ideas for kidsI’ve always been a lover of producing fresh and innovative ways to lure your child to eat. Beyond this simple definition, however, virtually anything could be made to enter these lunch boxes along with the ideas are infinite.  

Different Kinds of Bentos

There are numerous varied types of bentos, with various functions.  Makunouchi bento is fancy bento foods presented at proper meals, supposed to be eaten in a desk.  This is the kind you’ll see served in pubs, organized in tasteful lacquered boxes.   The type of bento which has got the most attention lately, particularly outside Japan are what are known as kyaraben or charaben, ‘adorable bento’ ‘artwork bento’ or ‘amusing bento’ extremely elaborately decorated little functions of art.These are often made by moms for their little children.

Ultimately, there is the plain easy bento which most men and women bring to school or work for lunch.  It is important to be aware that many Japanese people don’t invest their time creating fancy charaben or ‘adorable bento’ – that is more in the domain of a craft and hobby as opposed to everyday living.  

My Bento Doctrine

This is the fundamental bento doctrine about the best way best to make a healthful bento your children are going to love.  I utilize bentos to integrate some healthful food into my everyday eating.  So I use as many vegetables and vegetable products as you can, see the quantity of fat and oil, and attempt to steer clear of processed foods. The utmost time that I wish to spend on constructing my bento is 10-15 minutes.  The majority of the time that I need it completed below 20 minutes. It needs to be safe and yummy to consume at room temperature, (with a couple exceptions), escape- and – spoil-resistant, and filling.  They ought to appear yummy, but I do not spend that much time producing them very pretty and elaborate. Sometimes I will add cute little edible Beanie Boos or trinkets in the bento box for fun. I love to keep things easy.  Since I wish to spend less by bringing my bento instead of eating out, I attempt to keep the price down as far as you can.

Purchasing a Bento

Where do you start? There are many websites that sell bento boxes and possibilities are limitless as well as diverse.

Amazon has a few great and cheap bentos with various applications and expectations here are a couple of of my favourite ones.   

• This one is great for kids due to it being leak proof and coming in multiple colors.

• These ones were great choice as well.

• These would be great for a picnic with the family.

• When you want to prep for the week these are a great buy.


PLAY | Ultimate SPY Games

PLAY | Ultimate SPY Games

Secret codes, DIY periscopes, Inkless Fingerprints… these easy and inexpensive spy activities will have your kids feelin’ like 007!

Tutorial for the Spy Periscope Hack:
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